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Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Final Countdown

Do you have that famous synth riff stuck in your head now? Excellent. I figure if I'm gonna hit you with Right Said Fred, I might as well lay some Europe on you, too. One of these days I'll try to come up with a title based on music I actually listen to.

Why "The Final Countdown?" Well, I have a week to decide what to do next with the cask. In a week, I'll have hit the eight week mark of maturation, and that will likely (though not definitely) be the end of the Whisky Works portion of the experiment.

As I've said elsewhere, I have been graced with home-made apple cider. Free home-made apple cider no less. Should I go for making applejack out of it?

Or should I go for trying to make McClelland Islay drinkable? I was out and about the other day and found a bottle at the LCBO, and happened to have the requisite $32 on me, so grabbed it. Even if it turns out disastrously, I only wasted $32 on the experiment, and hey, you never know. If it really is a 5-year old Bowmore, maybe a bit of maturation will make it rather tasty.

So, folks: what would you rather have me write about next: applejack or whisky? Considering most of you found yourselves here by searching for whisky on the Internet, I have a sneaking suspicion what your answer will be, but it can't hurt to ask.


Anonymous said...

McClellands it totally drinkable!

But go for it, age the McClellands. Make sure to keep a little in the bottle (or rebottle it) so you can see the variation!

Will said...

Hmm. Have you considered getting another barrel, and doing the applejack thing in that? Not only does that prevent the whisky from affecting the applejack's taste (no idea what effect it would have), but applejack-aged whisky might be interesting afterward. :)


Ian said...

I'm thinking the McClelland is the right move at this point. From what little I know about Applejack, though, it transforms into something like brandy pretty quickly, which wouldn't be a bad thing to have flavour a whisky, I imagine. What the whisky would do to the taste of the applejack, I can't say.

Glad to hear the McClelland is drinkable as is. I was a bit worried.