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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Whom do You Appreciate?

Hmm. Notice something? Look closely...

That's right. Barry at Premium Bottlers thought it was unfortunate that I didn't possess a proper whisky glass and very kindly sent one along. I've used these before at my favourite haunt here in Ottawa, and it's even nicer to be able to have a proper dram while flaked out in my comfy chair in my living room. Thanks, guys!

The book under the glass, incidentally, is Histories by Herodotos. What can I say, I'm an archaeologist. I have peculiar books lying around. But on to more important things!

My nose is working this week, so I can provide a much better description of what's going on. And I'm very pleased with the progress. The nose is fantastic. Dried cherries, toffee and chocolate all duke it out for which one dominates; none of them win. It's very nicely balanced. There are faint floral notes underneath the big three, and a suggestion of seaweed as well, and the faintest whiff of smoke. As I expected, the predominance of the alcohol on the nose has continued to mellow out, letting the other flavours shine.

On the palate, it begins with a spicy oak, then chocolate, butter and dried fruit. I'd say cherries and raisins. It has a nice, long, warm finish where oak, chocolate and smoke alternate. It's still a bit hot for me, but another week will cool that down perfectly, I think. It has noticeably cooled over the last couple of months, which in turn is making it mellower and more subtle. The interplay between flavours is more up front, less camouflaged by the alcohol strength.

Right now, I think it's ready to return to the bottle. I'd be very happy to drink it as it is, but I'm going to wait one more week. At the moment, most people I know are off doing Easter-related things, and it's more fun to have a party to celebrate the maturation of the Whisky Works whisky than it is to just bottle it on my own. So a whisky-tasting party at Ch√Ęteau Ian next weekend!

I can hardly wait...

Until then,


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