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Monday, April 28, 2008

Dozo Yoroshiku!

Knowing my luck, instead of succeeding in my little attempt at being clever by casually throwing around the Japanese phrase for "How do you do," I've just announced that I like to eat shoes with ketchup or some such. I'm confident, though: I looked it up on the Internet, and we all know the Internet is never wrong...

Anyhow, the Japanese is here for a reason. Over the weekend, I caught wind of the results of this year's World Whiskies Awards from one of the finest news sources around: Daily India. I still haven't figured out why Daily India should be the one to break the story, but hey: Indians love their whisky, too, I guess. You can also read about it at the Times, or, if you're the wild and crazy type, at Whisky Magazine, who actually runs the competition.

This year brought a couple of surprises which not coincidentally relate to the title of this post: Japanese whiskies won both the best single malt and best blended whisky category. This year's best single malt is Yoichi 20 Year Old, which I've not had the pleasure of sampling. The best blended whisky is Suntory Hibiki 30 Year Old, which I've also not tried. Bill Murray must be pleased about that choice.

I thought to myself that this might be the ideal time to go out and find some Japanese whisky to give it a shot, but I don't have a spare hundred bucks lying around for the purposes of sampling a new whisky. This stuff ain't cheap!

Fortunately, there are going to be some Japanese whiskies at the Spirit of Toronto show which is now only two short weeks away, so I'll get the chance to try them out then.

Hmm... maybe next year I should submit "Ian's Living Room 9 Weeks Old" for consideration. :-)




Will said...

Hi Ian,

You might try some of the cheaper Japanese whiskies. The Yamazaki (Suntory) 12 yo is quite nice at $33 (USD), as is the 18 yo at $80. Prices in Canadia may vary. ;)


Ian said...

I only wish I could get my hands on the 12-year old Suntory / Yamazaki. The LCBO carries only the 18-year old at $109, and the SAQ doesn't carry any. Maybe at the show in Toronto they'll have the 12-year old for sale. I'm anxious to expand my horizons. Maybe my local pub has some.....guess it's time to explore!