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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Odds and Sods

Just a couple quick notes today. I heard from my friend Rob again. He's my buddy who has been aging his Whisky Works whisky since December. Like me, he found the angels had been rather greedy. Unlike me, he hadn't been using a humidifier, and had aged his whisky a number of weeks longer. He found he was left with about 340mL of whisky which was still good and strong. Here's how he described it to me:

"The colour is about the same shade as last time. I added a bit of water to my taste sample this time. There is still a very powerful iodine nose and taste. Once the fire on your tongue is finally put out, the finish is still there. Very long and pleasant. The nose smells like a fine rye whiskey. Sweet and oaky. There is something pleasantly sweet to the taste, I think it's the hints of cinnamon I described last time. I can also taste the oak now..."

I'm not sure what to make of "fine rye whiskey" since I'm not generally a fan of rye, but there you have it. It's nice to see that the months in the cask haven't reduced its alcohol percentage too significantly: he still wants to add water to cool it down. That means that the 340mL will work out to quite a bit more volume with added water factored in.

In other news, I'm planning to attend the Spirit of Toronto annual whisky gala on May 10. If any of you are going, let me know, and say hi if you see me. Although, as many of you haven't the faintest idea what I look like, that might be difficult. Perhaps I should post a photo. Or wear a name tag. :-)

I haven't gone to one of these whisky galas before, so I'm not sure what to expect. But it looks like a lot of fun, and I don't get to Toronto as much as I used to. Speaking of which...

The final bit of news is that I will be away in a couple of weeks. In Toronto, actually, but not for any whisky-related events. Just going to get some quality time with some of my peeps. The upshot is that I'll not be here to sample my whisky (gasp!) or post anything to the blog (double gasp!). Fear not, however! My buddy Jim will be looking after the cask, carefully rotating it, and sampling the whisky on my behalf. So I'll temporarily hand over the keys to the lounge, and you can hear what Jim has to say. It should be good. He's promised to use the word "kaboom."

But you'll hear from me once more before my mini-vacation, so I'll sign off and see you in a few days.



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